Global Champions

Every little bit helps

Our DreamTogether, we can do a lot more…

We are taking baby steps in making a difference. As an organization, we pledged to support other charitable organizations in their mission(s), invest in the future generation, work with grass root level service providers, and also preach the importance of volunteering to middle and high school students.


Our charity organization provides financial, technical and humanitarian assistance within various charitable programs. Reach out to us and we will do the best we can.


Education is an important focus area that we plan to invest our efforts. If you are an educational provider, please write to us and we will venture together.

Local Organizations

If you are a service provider especially, shelters, hospitals, hospices, senior living, etc. and need assistance with supplies, we would love to talk to you!


We always can use a little help and we will not be shy in asking for it. Volunteering is a wonderful thing you can do in your spare time. Trust us, it is a lot of fun! Above all, it tells a wonderful story about you that colleges would love to hear about. Every hour counts!

Our Team

Shreya Arun, CEO :
Shreya is a high school junior at Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellville, VA. While she’s not in school or not working for iloom, she spends most of her time pursuing her dream to represent the US in Speed Skating.
Sahana Arumani, President:
Sahana is a sophomore at Loudoun Valley High School in Purcellville, VA. Sahana is an avid writer and a varsity tennis player.
Abhinav Babu, Chief Innovation Officer: Abhinav Babu is in 7th grade and goes to Farmwell station middle school located in Ashburn, VA. He plays tennis with his twin brother. He also enjoys playing other sports for fun and is very competitive. He also loves to help and wants to be an enterpreneur when he grows up. iloom has provided a great place for Abhinav to start his dreams and his mission!

Pranav Babu, Chief Communications Officer:
Pranav Babu lives in Ashburn, VA, which is almost 30 miles away from Washington DC. He is currently in 7th grade and attends Farmwell Middle School. He plays competitive tennis with his twin brother, Abhinav. Pranav is known to be daring and bold, climbing 30 foot trees when he was 8. He also can solve a rubix cube in less than a minute. Pranav loves to travel and tries to go somewhere cool every year to learn something new.
Aarya Arun, Warehouse Manager:
Aarya is a 4th grade student at Round Hill Elementary School in Round Hill, VA. He loves baseball and drones. Inventory control is his specialty!
Amrit Neel Kumar, Warehouse Manager:
Amrith Neel Kumar is in 5th grade and goes to Virginia Academy, Ashburn, VA. He has been selected as Top 2 winner in school spelling bee this year. He is part of National Elementary Honor Society(NEHS) since 4th grade. He loves to play football and soccer with his friends and cousins and he is serious about his gaming skills. He wants to become a doctor or medical scientist when he grows up, So that he can help people to have healthy and happy life style.