Supporting our heroes

New Normal

COVID-19 has resulted in a new way of life for everyone. At iloom, we can’t hold fundraisers to raise money for local charity organizations. Volunteers’ responsibilities have lessened as there is a lockdown in place. But the people of iloom still wanted to make a difference and we’ve come up with a few ideas.

The Idea

Hats off to Amazon’s logistics! Online sales have become more popular than ever and iloom still gets many returns delivered to wherever we want it to go. We decided that all our linens in stock, opened and unopened, will go towards mask and patient gown production.

Our progress

While we can’t produce masks and gowns ourselves, we have high quality, environmentally-friendly 100% cotton sheets and we’ve reached out to individuals and organizations that are aiding in mask production. Currently, we’ve partnered with organizations in Michigan and D.C. to aid in the high demand for masks.

Reach Out!

Any individual can do their part in defeating COVID-19. Reach out to us if you can sew, if you’re an organization distributing masks, or if you're an organization or hospital that needs masks. We can have the masks or linens shipped to you. We’re all fighting this disease together.