Michigan Team

Harshita Aadi 
Harshita is a tenth-grade student-athlete. She runs varsity track for Canton High school. When she is not doing schoolwork or working for iloom, she enjoys being an equestrian rider.

Keshav Babu:
Keshav is a sophomore at Canton High School. He enjoys running track and wrestling. He like to pursue his career in computer science.

Ragav Babu:
Ragav is a 6th-grade student at East Middle School. He loves to read and play video games. He is passionate about soccer and plays for a club in Ann Arbor. He helps with iLoom in his free time

Hansika Aadi
Hansika is 4th-grade student at Gallimore Elementary school located in Canton, MI. While she is not in school or working for iloom, she is pending her time training with a blue belt in martial arts. She is very active and loves climbing.