Welcome Texas Chapter

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It is a pleasure to introduce Texas iloom chapter.

Kriya Raveendran is a 7th Grader in North Hills Preparatory school in Dallas, Texas. Kriya enjoys music and volunteering. She is very creative in the area of Art and appreciates the company of good set of friends. She currently helps her dad in her free time in the area of finance and marketing. She aspires to be an entrepreneur when she grows up and believes in giving back to the community and people in need.

Varun Raveendran is a 3rd Grader in North Hills Preparatory school in Dallas Texas. Varun is very exploratory in nature. He plays for a competitive soccer team in Coppell, Texas and has completed a Triathlon and has plans to do many more. He enjoys building Legos and helps his father in his business during his free time. He aspires to be an Actor and singer.

Welcome Kriya & Varun, We are thrilled to have you as part of our team and let’s continue to make our communities better.