What we are up to


Numerous manufacturers, particularly those based overseas, struggle to manage a large volume of returned products. These unwanted returns often end up unused in warehouses, accruing exorbitant storage fees. Eventually, the cost of storing these returns exceeds the potential profit the manufacturers might have gained from them.


At iloom, we transform manufacturers' unwanted returns into opportunities for positive impact. Our approach not only alleviates the burden for manufacturers by providing them with a tax write-off but also enriches our local community through meaningful donations.


iloom’s extensive network of chapters has enabled us to reach and support areas of need globally. From supplying essential hospital resources in India to furnishing shelters in Northern Virginia with bed linens, our efforts have made tangible impacts. To date, iloom has contributed over $30,000 worth of goods to various causes worldwide.


Abhinav Babu - Chief Executive Officer
Pranav Babu - Chief Operating Officer
Adarsh Krishna - Virginia Chapter Manager