COVID-19: Mask Challenge – Ashburn, VA

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At iloom, we recently started a new initiative to donate linens towards mask production. Our Virginia chapter joined the cause by searching for seamstresses that could take our products and sew them into masks. Our volunteers, Abhinav Babu and Pranav Babu contacted Be Kind and Rise, as they were in desperate need of materials for masks.

Be Kind and Rise has already sown over 1400 masks and has donated masks to over 10 locations. iloom has dropped off bed linens supplied to produce around 600 masks in hopes of receiving a portion of the sewn masks by the end of the month to distribute locally to those in need.

Within a couple of days, Be Kind and Rise contacted our local volunteers and updating us that they had sown 100 masks. iloom picked them up and donated the masks to Central union mission Men’s Shelter in Washington DC.

iloom and Be Kind and Rise have partnered together in this mask mission with hopes of helping more front line workers.